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$ZARDOZ and VIP membership


Earn $ZARDOZ social cryptocurrency and
get the VIP membership NFT

Benefits and perks

$ZARDOZ owners:

  • Access to Zardoz Gallery discord channel with private sales and auctions.

  • Some special cryptoart pieces can only be bought with $ZARDOZ.

  • Use $ZARDOZ to get your VIP membership NFT.

VIP membership NFT owners:

  • 20% refund on pieces bought from Zardoz Gallery collection and supported artists.

  • VIP members become part of the ZARWARDS Voting Comittee.

  • You can buy the VIP membership NFT only with $ZARDOZ on OpenSea.
    (coming end of February 2021)



How to earn $ZARDOZ?

  • Submit your nominations to the ZARWARDZ Crypto Awards in this form.

  • Signing guestbooks in Zardoz Gallery events in Cryptovoxels.

  • Being selected for shows and exhibitions on Zardoz Gallery.

  • Buying cryptoart pieces from supported Zardoz Gallery artists.

  • Selling your cryptoart pieces to the Zardoz Gallery collection.

  • Trading $ZARDOZ in UniSwap (coming soon).


February 2021 to early March 2021

First distribution of $ZARDOZ to voters and previous buyers/sellers on Zardoz Gallery

March 2021

Release of VIP membership NFT on Opensea

Launch of Discord channel (VIP members only)

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