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cryptoart, NFTs, music, design, chaos, and everything in between


You have entered Zardoz.Club: a virtual cultural centre opened in February 2020, focused on digital visual arts, especially Cryptoart. Founded and curated by Tomm Zardoz, admittance is free and all are welcome.


Wander around, discover, explore. Zardoz.Club consists of four different settings, hosted inside Cryptovoxels virtual world. Four buildings, open to the public and accessible from any computer or handheld device.

zardoz gallery


The main gallery displays a permanent exhibition of Tomm Zardoz’s collection, that amounts to over 40 names, and an area for events and temporary exhibitions.

You’ll also find the latest art works by some of the artists represented by Zardoz.Club such as Diegrich, Hey Pablo!, ORLA and Yuri Tuma.

Their pieces are on sale: just click on the “Buy” button next to each one - please bear in mind that only cryptocurrency is accepted.


zardoz DISCO


The entrance to this Disco could be anywhere and everywhere at once, it never closes and it’s always free. This is Zardoz’s virtual club for non-stop dancing, live streaming events and temporary exhibitions that gravitate around music.

zardoz TOWER


A spin-off of the main gallery, the Tower is a fluid, giant open space dedicated to interactive installations and temporary exhibitions.

zardoz BEACH


Built on a pixel sea shore by the artist Ilan Katin, the most chilled out and vibing area of the Zardoz complex is focused on temporary, usually single-work exhibitions.


Honoring the best Cryptoartists, the first-ever edition of ZARWARDZ took place on March 21 at Zardoz Disco to award the best Cryptoart in many categories.


Nominations were defined by public submissions and winners were chosen by the Zardoz.Club voting committee.




Tomm Zardoz - a Brazilian designer living in Madrid, Spain - is a Cryptoart collector, gallery curator and represents the following cryptoartists:

Diegrich (Diego García-Carpintero, Spain)
ORLA (Theo Firmo, Brazil)
Hey Pablo! (Pablo Pérez-Sanmartín, Spain)
Yuri Tuma (Brazil)
Hot Soft (Brazil)

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