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by Yuri Tuma


About the sound art installation

NEW SUN wants to break away from linguistic and rational constructions when trying to create possible utopias and/or dooms, fictions and/or futures that reflect on coexistence.


Within us lies a collective and informative genetic more-than-human memory that can potentially be awakened through sound alone. When we speak of doom we might as well be speaking of a time before “creation”; doom is full of chaotic activities, but it could also be a time of slow silencing and emptying of time and space.


The piece was created by mixing walk spaces together with phonetic poetry and musical composition derived from burnt music sheets. To imagine a NEW SUN is to imagine the end but also the beginning, the birth, the transformation towards a new existence.

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About the artist​

São Paulo, Brazil, 1983

Yuri Tuma has held seven solo exhibitions, and has participated in group exhibitions and art fairs in New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Miami, Paris, Arnis and Madrid. Installation, sculpture, performance and sound art are his main practices.


In 2017 he received the Acciona Scholarship to study a Master in Fine Arts in the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid focusing his artistic research on the importance of architecture as the protagonist of change through the study of architectural utopias related to art forms that stimulate narratives on the theme of environmental exploitation as a way to support a potential transcendental understanding of our connection with nature.


In 2019, he was chosen for a residency in a small rural and maritime town in northern Germany, Arnis, where he was able to create sculpture, books and sound pieces in collaboration with the local natural landscape and residents. Tuma has recently returned from the island of Tinos in Greece where he was chosen to develop artwork utilizing the natural element of Fire and its relation to their ecosystem and ancient ruines.

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