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Tomorrow People
The Crypto Collection
by Hey Pablo!


About the collection

One of the most profitable distractions of youth is collecting. But the things our parents and grandparents collected were never as fascinating as they are nowadays... The children's tendency to collect deserves all kinds of encouragement; creates ideas of saving, tidiness and conservation, as well as the noble ambition to constantly increase their own collection.


What are the best collections? The ones that cause curiosity, those that appeal to the sense of aesthetics and stimulate the natural instinct to know things beyond the narrow margins of the home. Nothing better for this purpose than anticipated knowledge through the image.

The 50 animated crypto-cards "Tomorrow People" entertain and educate about all those people, activities, risk practices and future professions facing the entropic reality of the new decade. The wholesome appetite to possess has led us to this historical moment and what this collection encourages is the most powerful tool we have for continuing with the daily destruction of meaning in developed societies in our forward looking escape as a species.


Each card launch will become more scarce and more expensive than the previous, so enjoy the collection and... get´em all!


About the artist​

Pablo Pérez Sanmartín or Hey Pablo! (Spain) is an artist whose work is based on the world of advertising, cinema, fashion and consumer aesthetics.

Pablo moves between design and art, combining contemporary visual language with a poetic and conceptual perspective on youth and urban subcultures, always in the context of consumer society.


His work has been released in museums and art centers in Madrid, Bordeaux, Chicago and Houston.

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